Wallingford Carnival 2015

Wallingford Carnival 2015 took place on Saturday 20th June.

The theme for the Carnival was "The Circus".

This inspired all who took part in the procession to come up with a high standard of entries. The procession will started just after 1pm from Wallingford School and travelled along St. George's Road, Croft Road and passed through the Town Centre en route to the Kinecroft arriving at about 2pm.

The Carnival Ambassador was chosen from residents of Wallingford and the surrounding area and aged between 7 and 11. One girl and one boy, representing each school in the area, take part in the competition on Saturday 6th June at 3pm to 5pm in the Wallingford School Drama Studio.

The stalls will be in the Market Place.

The Local Producers Market will be in the Regal Centre.

Wallingford Carnival 2016 will take place on Saturday 18th June.