Wallingford Carnival 2023

Wallingford Carnival 2023 will take place on
Saturday 17th June

The theme for the Carnival will be
What A Wonderful World

Come and join in the fun at this year's carnival
and take part in our procession.

We are very keen to create a wonderful procession. This means encouraging more of you to join in, pubs, clubs, groups, schools, businesses, musicians, individuals, anyone and everyone, the more the merrier. It's a great form of advertising and a way of showing off who you are and what you can do!

advertise your business
sing and dance
get creative
showcase a talent

Make this the year you get involved!

The organising committee and are keen to build on the hard work put in by previous volunteers. We really want to keep this Wallingford tradition going. If you would like a new challenge, please consider volunteering to help, there are lots of small jobs you could do.