Wallingford Carnival 2016

Wallingford Carnival 2016 took place on Saturday 18th June.

The theme for the Carnival was "William".

Why "William"?

Well there have been several people named William who are connected to Wallingford.

950-years ago, in late November or early December 1066, William the Conqueror crossed the River Thames at Wallingford on his way to accept the surrender of Edgar the Ętheling and the northern earls Edwin and Morcar.

Sir William Blackstone lived in Wallingford in the eighteenth century and wrote the Commentaries on the Laws of England. He is buried in St Peter's church.

Will Loader was mayor of Wallingford in the seventeenth century and his name is inscribed on a buttress of St Mary's tower.

But it is not necessary to stick to things connected to Wallingford. Nor does it need to be just people named William. As just a few examples, there's: Prince William; the Williams pear; Williams F1 team; and a simple invoice (or bill).

And for those without imagination (or Google) here are some more examples of William: Robbie Williams; Bill Haley; will i am; William Wilberforce; William Shatner; Fort William; William Morris; William Blake; William Wallace; William Golding; William Hogarth; William Hill; William Tell; William Shakespeare; and many more.

And some more: Bill Gates; Billy Bunter; Billy the Kid; William Gladstone; William Hague; William Roach; William Wordsworth; Will Young; Willy Wonka; Bill Owen; Weepy William; Just William.

The Carnival Ambassador was chosen from young people in school year 7 on the day of the Carnival and either live in the OX10 area or attend school in the area. The competition is on Saturday 4th June 2016 at Wallingford School.

The stalls were in the Market Place.

The Local Producers Market was in the Regal Centre.

Wallingford Carnival 2017 will take place on Saturday 17th June.