Carnival Ambassador Competition 2015

Ambassadors can be elected by students or selected by teachers or the headteacher.

They must be aged 7-11 years old on day of the Carnival (20th June 2015).

One boy and one girl are selected to represent each school in the area.

Representatives must attend the competition on Saturday 6th June between 3pm and 5pm at the Wallingford School Drama Studio.

They are required to make a small presentation on 'Why I Like My Community And How I Get Involved' (a few lines would be sufficient - could bring photograph or anything of interest to demonstrate this).

A Wallingford Carnival Ambassador will be selected along with two aides.

The winners must participate in the Carnival Procession on Saturday the 20st June meeting at Wallingford School 12.30pm (transport for the procession is provided).

They are expected to dress smart for Carnival Day.

Winners will be presented with appropriate sashes and tokens.

They must complete an application form for the competition (this could be completed by school).

At the competition will be judged on the following criteria: presentation/personality/conduct/confidence.

Winners can make guest appearances at other major events for example: Bunkfest/Wallingford Railway event/Christmas Festival/Lantern Parade.

Winners will represent the 'youth of the area' during their year of office.
Carnival Ambassador and Aides
Ambassador Aide: Sammy Roy
Carnival Ambassador: Alice Walkey
Ambassador Aide: Tegan Farquharson